Hi, we're StepLadder

We are a fast growing and award-winning company on a mission to make personal finance collaborative. Through our digital savings platform we are supporting people to buy their first home faster, reach their savings goals, and championing financial wellbeing. So far we've helped people raise over £1,000,000 towards their goals and we can't wait to help you...

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Because it’s everyone’s basic right to be able to own their own home, and we think the current system is broken.

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By re-imagining a well-known global financial concept - the ROSCA - and championing the power of Collaborative Finance as a new, responsible and sustainable solution to raising funds faster.

We believe in the power of community!

It’s pure people power. Individuals coming together to help each other succeed. It’s the very essence of being a StepLadder Member, as well as being part of the StepLadder team.

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We believe in empowering a generation to be financially confident

We are passionate about helping people feel empowered about their money; and using that as they key to unlocking their goals. Through education, coaching and simplifying information, we help people take control.

We believe that buying a home doesn’t have to be as difficult as it is

We connect our Community to our expert team to help them every step of the way - whether that be how to negotiate with estate agents; mortgages advisors; or what are the move-in essentials for every first time home!


Who are we?

We are a dynamic, collaborative, diverse and passionate team who are helping people achieve the dream of owning their first home.

We do it because we believe that everyone has the ability to own their own home, and by empowering a generation of renters, we can make that dream a reality.

As a team we bring wisdom, creativity and energy from around the world. Our culture thrives and succeeds through working together to solve challenges and catalyse change.

By drawing on each other’s differences, our strength as a team is unlimited. We hire smart people who bring their expertise and dedication as we empower a new movement of ‘generation home-ownership’.

Meet the team!

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Matthew Addison

CEO and Co-Founder

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Lucy Mullins

COO and Co-Founder

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Osei Downes


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Tristan Comley


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Peter Vu

Member Operations

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Iesha James

Member Success

Evgeniy Karpenko


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Sarah Garrett

Operations & Community

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Jason Harvey